Eric S. Klein
the mind behind enhance art

Hailing from central Jersey, Eric S. Klein, a.k.a Enhance has been drawn to art since he was a child, but began his artistic career in 2004 after working as an assistant to Peter Tunney.
Over the next few years he created over 150 art pieces by applying tape and vinyl on all kinds of objects such as shoes, swings, bottles, tables, musical instruments, cars and in 2007 Enhance did his first art show on 7th Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan.

Enhance perfected his technique by lacquering his tape and vinyl compositions with half inch hardening glaze of polyurethane. His art pieces ranging from Jessica Rabbit and Jolt Cola to a Nintendo controller and Marilyn Monroe, began to warrant high demand.

In 2013, he opened a studio in Union City, New Jersey, called The Chocolate Factory inside of 20,000 square foot loft. He built 12 guest bedrooms and created a vibrant art community. Enhance closed The Chocolate Factory in 2015 and moved his studio to East Village, New York City.

In the past years, Enhance received numerous commissions such as, an art piece for Broome Hotel in New York City, nursery for Angela Simmons, music video by Justina Valentine ft. Fetty Wap and Swatch collaboration, to name few. His most recent work can be seen in the music video by Jozzy ft. Lil Wayne and Tao Group's Vandal